The Logic Pro X Time and Pitch Machine

The Logic Pro X Time and Pitch Machine module has been around for a very long time. Even way back when Logic was part of the Emagic Group prior to its acquisition by the Apple Corporation, this is very powerful audio processing tool was the number 1 solution for Logic users to manipulate pitch and applying time stretch to audio in Logic. Since the release of version 9 of Logic Pro and the introduction of Flex Time the Time and Pitch machine has been somewhat overlooked by many. And with the introduction of Flex Pitch in Logic Pro X it has being possibly forgotten by most and remains undiscovered by many of the new uses of Logic Pro X. However for those of us who have been working with this music production platform for some time I’m sure will still jump into this great module to access the awesome benefits which lie within its parameters.

What is the Logic Pro X Time and Pitch Machine?

So what is the time and pitch machine? Well essentially it is a module designed to modify the length of an audio region as well as its pitch. There are different modes you can set it to as well as defining the most appropriate algorithm based on the type of material you’re working with. For example, if you want to modify a drum loop then set it to drums. If it’s a vocal you will apply the appropriate algorithm and if it’s a full music production loop, you’ll make the adjustments accordingly. In this video I will be introducing the power of Logic Pro X Time and Pitch Machine and exploring some of the key features. I’ll also demonstrate how you can make the best use of this somewhat forgotten yet extremely powerful tool.

Will we Lose the Time and Pitch Machine?

This might well be a refresher for veterans who have been using Logic for a long time. However for those of you who are new to this platform I’m sure you’ll find something from this tutorial which will enable you to take advantage of the Time and Pitch Machine functions. My fear is that Apple may well remove this tool in the future just like they removed the Audio Energizer tool which existed all the way up to version 9 of Logic Pro. Of course a lot can be done using Flex Time and Flex Pitch but I still use the Time and Pitch Machine a lot so hopefully they will keep it going in future updates.

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