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1 to 1 Tuition & Consultation

I am now able to offer a limited number of personalised, tailored 1 to 1 online tuition sessions.

Let me support you in your music production, sound recording, mixing and mastering development. I will draw from my 30+ year music industry career and 13 years experience as a college lecturer. With a Masters Degree in Music Production and Honours Degree in Music Technology, the knowledge and expertise I have accrued over the years will certainly help me help you get to the next level.

1 Hour Quick Fix Session

Book a 1 hour quick fix online session with me to resolve a specific issue or challenge. This includes guidance on, recording, editing, plugin and DAW problems.

£75 GBP

2 Hour Digest Session

Book a 2 hour digestable online session to help take your in-progress production to that next level. This might include editing, mixing or some other project enhancement. 

£130 GBP

3 Hour In-Depth Session

Book a 3 hour in-depth online session to develop a particular music production skill. This includes personalised programming, mixing or mastering tutorials & more. 

£180 GBP

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Crypto Payments Coming Soon! 

Book Sessions Using Crypto Currencies

You will soon be able to book your online sessions using crypto currencies