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Using Alloy 2 With Logic Pro X

For quite some time now I have been relying on iZotope Alloy 2 to bring life and character to my mixes. I mainly work in Logic Pro X and have permanently added to my audio tracks, drummer tracks and software instrument tracks as well as across all of my group busses. The six processors incorporated in this amazing channel strip have been designed to add spice and energy to every element of my mix. Interestingly, despite having access to a multitude of other high quality, renowned and celebrated plugins, due to my work some of the UK’s largest educational institutions, I have found the iZotop suite of production tools to be right up my street and in particular, this incredible channel strip hosts all of the tools I need in order to transform my mixes to that next level.

Quick Results

The interface may seem futuristic, but the results can be heard instantly and of course even more important is the sound which is simply awesome. The fact is Alloy 2 is now my all in 1 go-to tool kit for all of my mixing needs. iZotope have taken a different approach in developing incredible to and has departed from the traditional channel strip layout. What you get is an intuitive, clean interface that is easy to navigate and control, effectively Alloy 2 is a modern approach to classic mixing techniques. Whether implemented as a channel strip, group bus or master bus insert this plugin automatically detects whether to operate as a stereo or mono processor and switches to either instantly.

Alloy 2 Channel Components

The channel strips on a high end mixing console will usually give you a parametric EQ, compressor, gate, limiter and phase inversion control. However Alloy 2 comes stacked with seven incredible modules modelled on classic consoles and processors and include an 8 stage parametric Equalizer, 2 powerful Dynamics Processors, a Limiter, Transient Shaper, Exciter and De-Esser. There is also great flexibility in the way in which these modules can be chained together in the signal path as shown below i.e. you can opt for EQ before Compressor or the other way around. You can also have the Dynamics Processors in series or parallel configuration or switch each module from broadband to multiband mode adding even more clinical processing as would be done in mastering. These seven professionally-crafted audio effects all housed in a single plugin, and each with it’s own set of individual settings make Alloy 2 a really monster. In fact the plugin comes with more than 250 presets, covering a wide range of mixing tasks providing you with a great starting point and after a few simple tweeks an incredible end point. It really is incredible how much time this plugin now saves me when mixing my records simply by pulling up a preset, making a few adjustments and quickly moving on to the next track.

Watch My Logic & Alloy Tutorials for More Insight

Where Alloy 2 really comes into it’s own is on drums both on individual drums as well as across the drum bus. It’s remarkable how much my drums now pop since I’ve been using this amazing tool which truly has everything you need to not only get the job done but to get it done well and in far less time. In this 4 part tutorial I’ll be giving you a brief overview on how effective iZotope complete channel strip tool can be on a very simple Logic Pro X production. Hopefully you will find something in this useful and maybe try it out for yourself.