Logic Pro X Flex Pitch in Depth

So here we have it. My Logic Pro X Flex Pitch video tutorial series. A couple of weeks ago I did a 4 part video series giving a brief overview of my favourite vocal tuning software plug-in. This included Flex Pitch, iZotope Nectar 2 Pitch Editor, Waves Tune, and Melodyne. On conclusion of that series I promised you guys in that I’d go on to making more in-depth videos in an effort to explore more deeply the features and functions of each platform. This has resulted in this 14 part series covering pretty much everything you need to know about Flex Pitch and how to use it in a practical and productive way. I will continue with the more in-depth tutorials featuring the other three plug-ins over the coming weeks.

Melodyne vs Flex Pitch

Compare Melodyne to Flex PitchNow, I’ve been using Flex Pitch for maybe only about a year or so. And this is simply because I wasn’t aware that it actually existed. Strange you may think, but I’m sure I’m not the only long standing Logic Pro users who has recently discovered this powerful addition to this amazing DAW. I’ve used Flex Time for years since is appeared in Logic Pro 9 but I was completely oblivious to this new addition. In fact, in the only reason I think I became aware of this feature is because I was explaining to my boy Jon The Dreamer about the power of the Melodyne plug-in which I’d recently used to correct some vocal tuning, when he asked me why I hadn’t used Flex Pitch to do this task. Of course I was completely on unaware of this LPX tool but I soon got him to demonstrate. I quickly got to grips with using it and found this feature to be an awesome audio manipulation tool which I now use as standard for pretty much all quick tuning tasks.

Flex Pitch & Flex Time Logic Integration

The fact that both Flex Pitch and Flex Time are seamlessly integrated into the Logic Pro X software makes them very efficient in operation and far more cohesive than other such plug-ins as both of these tools are actually part of the Logic suite. Both of these features work hand in hand and you will find this to be very much the case when applying the quantization function in Flex Pitch.

Vocal Tuning Software Plug-ins

Compare Flex Pitch to Nectar 2 Pitch EditorSo I’ve been using vocal tuning applications for years and to be honey, my go-to weapon of choice has always been Melodyne. And to be fair this is still my number one plug-in for those very complex tuning situations. However I dabble between all four plug-ins i.e. Melodyne, Nectar 2 Pitch Editor, Waves Tune and Flex Pitch depending on the situation and where I’m located. In any case the results I have achieved from using Flex Pitch have been truly remarkable and I hope that when you watch my video tutorial series, you will see the results are more than satisfactory.

Tuning Rap Vocals

Ultimately, my aim is to equip you with the knowledge and techniques which will enable you to successfully tune your vocal recordings and recorded recorded instruments thereby improving the production quality of your songs. I have also created a section on Rap vocals showing you how are able to use Flex Pitch to tune and manipulate these to great effect. So whether you’re working with a singer, instrumentalist, or rap vocalist, there is something in this series for everyone.

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