Mixing Vocals With iZotope Nectar 2

In this video tutorial I will be demonstrating a fantastic tool which I rely on to give my that special something when it comes to my vocal recordings. I have been using the iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite on my vocal productions for some time now and I swear by this package. Once I’ve finished recording my vocalist, drawing every bit of creativity from him or her and comped the takes down to the isolate their best efforts it’s time to add that sparkle. In comes my Nectar 2 plug-in with its incredible set of 11 vocal production modules, all wrapped up in one tidy and intuitive plug-in destined to produce some amazing results instantly.

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The incredibly powerful set of effects that form the Nectar 2 suite include:
1. Pitch Correction
2. Noise Gate
3. Harmonizer
4. Saturation
5. Parametric Equalizer
6. Dual Compressors
7. De-esser
8. Reverb
9. Delay
10. Reverb
11. FX Processor

Vocal Processor Configuration

It’s up to you if you work from the top down or reconfigure the order of the vocal signal path by simply dragging the processors into the position you like. So for example you can have your Compressor before the EQ or have the Reverb and Delay after the Limiter. Whatever config you prefer can be arranged in seconds. Maybe you only want to add some harmonies to your vocal track with the Harmony tool, or clean up the lead vocal with the Gate. How about if you only want Nectar to add a touch of EQ, Compression and Reverb to your vocal then all you need to do is switch the unneeded modules off as shown in the image above where only the Harmony, EQ, Compressors, De-esser and Reverb are activated.

Nectar 2’s dual Compressor set up can be configured in series or parallel to powerfully shape vocal dynamics. Reduce dynamic range, ensure a more consistent volume, or boost the overall average level of your vocal tracks all of this is flawlessly achieved with just a few clicks. You can add extra flavor to the Delay module by selecting between different Digital, Tape and Analog modes. Add distortion, width and additional modulation with the Trash control.
Nectar 2 Delay

Nectar’s Preset Categories and Styles

iZotope Nectar 2 allows you to completely transform a vocal recording instantly by applying one of the 150 plus presets drawn from a selection of vocal styles/genres such as
• Alternative & Indie
• Classical, Folk, & Jazz
• Country
• Dance & Electronic
• Hip Hop & Rap
• Pop
• Rock
• Soul & RnB
• Special
• FX
• Utility
• Voice Over & Dialogue

As far as I’m concerned Nectar 2 is an ingenious concept which places an amazing set of vocal processing tools all into one plugin and presented in a manner that is incredibly easy to get to grips with. So if you are looking to inject some life into your vocal recordings and create a distinctive sound in a flash then there is only on suite for me and it’s this one. I really do hope you find the tutorial useful and as always do remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel and of course stay tuned for more great content.