How to Make an R&B Beat in Logic Pro X

So I’ve finally managed to commence my new series of music production videos. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now but just haven’t had time or headspace to get it done. Nevertheless, I’m delighted to introduce my new range of tutorials entitled, How to Make an R&B Beat in Logic Pro X.

How to Make an R&B Beat – The Beginning

How to Make an R&B Beat in Logic Pro XIn this first offering, I’m demonstrating my music production techniques in creating one of my recent instrumental was called, The Beginning. This track was inspired by some of my students who were working on a project in Logic Pro and needed me to demonstrate how to create trap style Hi Hat rolls using the Logic arpeggiator plug-in. By the time I’d finished the demonstration, I was encouraged by my students to complete the production as a fully fledged track. You can check out the mastered version of the instrumental right here on my DuceBeats Official YouTube Channel. You’ll also be able to listen to some of my other tracks too.

My Beat Making Techniques

The techniques I demonstrate in this particular video are not solely reserved to the Logic Pro X platform but can be applied to any other digital audio workstation including Ableton Live, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reason, FL Studio, and any other DAW you might be using. The whole idea of my tutorials is to show you how to make a beat and then you take the principles and apply them to the program in which you are working. I just happen to be a long time user of Logic Pro and this is the platform that best suits my requirements.

Duce Beats Channels

So as I said before, please check out the tutorial video and make sure you leave a comment on how you feel about the content as well as the delivery. Your feedback and input is always very welcome and it most certainly helps as I continue to develop content to support you on your music production journey. I also encourage you to check out my instrumental videos too on my Duce Beats Official YouTube Channel. You can also download the completed tracks from Duce Beats website at All of my most recent productions are listed there and you can help yourself to either MP3s or hi resolution WAV files.

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Please remember to like subscribe and comment on both of my YouTube channels and stay tuned for more as I continue with this particular series on my be making techniques in Logic Pro X. Just watch out for anything that begins with: How to Make an R&B Beat in Logic Pro X: followed by the title of the track. I’ll be back real soon. Peace!

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