Tuning Vocals With Waves Tune

Tuning Vocals With Waves Tune

Interestingly, despite the huge popularity of the Waves Audio plug-ins, Waves Tune is very often disregarded and forgotten by many who could really benefit from its power. This could simply be because there are just so many great tools that come as part of the waves bundles. It could also be due to the fact that the plug-in is so far down the bottom of the list due to its alphabetical positioning ie “W”. I’m really pleased however, to be able to include this great little plug-in as part of my comparison series in which I look at tools one can use to tune vocals or other musical instruments for that matter.

Vocal Tuning Plug-ins Covered

In part 1 of this 4 part video series I cover cover the use of the Logic Pro X Flex Pitch tool to correct the source. In the second video I looked at doing the same job but with the Izotope Nectar 2 Pitch Editor plugin. And in this video, which is part 3, my focus is now on the Waves Tune plug-in which to be honest, I haven’t used that often but found very easy to work with on this occasion. I did find that there were a few things which could have been improved upon for example it would have been great to be able to adjust the size of the plug-in window as I was able to do with all of the other programs reviewed.  Another interesting fact was, having not used this plugin for some time I spent quite a bit of time looking audio capture button as one would expect in a third party plug-in. There is such a button in both the Nectar 2 and Melodyne programs but there was no such button in the Waves plug-in. All you have to do is simply press Play in your digital audio workstation and as long as the plug-in is inserted into the channel strip the audio will be automatically captured. It might have been better to have had a button just like the others as this seems like a standard feature. But in any case the actual capture process was very straightforward and the display showed the audio being scanned into the module in real time.
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Waves Tune in Operation

In terms of tuning ability, again the task was very straightforward as with the other plug-ins covered in the series. It was not my intention to get too deep into all of the controls and features available within the programs. The idea for this series was to give a simple overview of what is possible if you wanted to do a bit of quick tuning of a vocal. I am however planning on doing more in-depth tutorials on each of the plug-ins which will cover in far more detail the controls available and how they can be used to shape a well tuned performance.

Watch the Videos

So take some time and have a look at this video along with the others in the series and you can make up your mind which one might well suit the way you work. They all do pretty much the same thing but in reality they there are differences in operation as well as in sonic outcome. As always do remember to like, comment and subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for further videos on this topic as well as other music production techniques particularly when working in Logic Pro X. Peace!