Tuning Vocals With Logic Flex Pitch

Tuning Vocals With Flex Pitch

I finally managed to get some time to do a review of vocal tuning techniques using 4 of the most powerful tuning platforms currently on the market. This is a series I’ve been meaning to do for some time and am truly delighted with the outcome. I was also fortunate to have the very talented Carmen deliver a great vocal performance which I was able to use as source material in demonstrating the process of fixing notes which are out of tune. Now, as Logic Pro X is my go-to DAW I used all of the plugins within the Logic workspace, however the performance of the plugins are not so much dependent on their host application but more on the power of your computer. Therefore you will find that the basic principles demonstrated in everything besides Flex Pitch is completely transferable, whatever digital audio workstation you are most comfortable with.

The Tuning Plugins Reviewed

This video is part 1 of 4 episodes in which I demonstrate the practice of vocal tuning and it is particularly concerned with using the Logic Pro X Flex Pitch function which comes as standard in new versions of Logic Pro. This is the order in which the tutorial series runs:

Tuning Vocals with Logic Flex Pitch
Tuning Vocals with Izotope Nectar 2 Pitch Editor
Tuning Vocals with Waves Tune
Tuning Vocals with Melodyne

It was great to be able to not only demonstrate but also compare and contrast the different features and techniques used to tune vocals in the different platforms. In the interest of time I tried not to get too involved in all of the individual features that come with the plugins but generally give an overview of the basic methods used to fix a recording. It’s my intention to do more in-depth reviews and tutorials for each of the tools but I’m quite happy with the overall outcome and the way in which each plugin dealt with the task of tuning the source material.

Flex Pitch in Operation

As far as Flex pitch goes, this is most certainly a very powerful tool that is integrated in Logic as standard. And to be honest, I think this incredible function is quite often overlooked many Logic users. The fact is those of us who have had practice of tuning vocals using software may well have started out with and continued using Melodyne. Many are there for unaware that Flex Pitch actually exists. In any case it is with us and it does a great job of tuning audio and the fact that it’s already incorporated into the Logic program makes life that bit easier as there’s no need to capture the audio a second time as one would need to in the other third party plug-ins.

Watch the Video Tutorials

So I urge you to take the time to check out the video and look at how Flex Pitch compares to the other plugins I cover in this short tutorial series. I also encourage you to practice using this fantastic tool with your own vocals for maybe you can download some stems for free from the Internet to use as your source material. As always, do remember to leave a comment, like and subscribe to the Channel and I’ll be uploading more in-depth tutorials on all 4 of these tuning packages very soon.